Volleyball Champs 2013

The Sports Activities and Upcoming Events at Parks and Recreation

We want to congratulate the 2013 Co-Ed Volleyball Champions, the OLD PIONEERS! The team members are Shane Wilson, Audra Lanning, Melissa Lanning, and Cindy Hughes. Let’s give them a big high five.     We have extended open gym volleyball to … read more

"Park" and "Rec"

Cripple Creek Parks & Rec Offerings

Hello from Cripple Creek Parks and Recreation! We have so much going on it’s even difficult for me to keep up with it all!  I’ll start off by telling you what is left of our April classes.  April 25 is … read more

Cripple Creek Donkey

Community Notes

Pssssst…Donkey Herd Release  I “herd” that the donkeys will be freed to roam the city once again around Mother’s Day.  Be on the lookout for them and remember to secure your trash.  The Two Mile High Club has been training … read more

Red Velvet Cake War

Coming Soon: “The Red Velvet Cake Wars”

The Red Velvet Cake War Coming to Cripple Creek’s Butte Theater Post Contributor:  Mel Moser (Thank you Mel!) In this riotously funny Southern-fried comedy, the three Verdeen cousins—Gaynelle, Peaches and Jimmie Wyvette—could not have picked a worse time to throw … read more