Playground Partnership with Penrose and CCV

New Playground

New Playground

Penrose-St. Francis Health Services is committed to improving the quality of life where people in our communities live, work and play. With that goal in mind, Penrose-St. Francis partnered with Cripple Creek-Victor School District (CCVSD) to create an outdoor playground at Cripple Creek-Victor Junior/Senior High School.

The project was made possible through a one-year grant from The Colorado Health Foundation of over $126,000. The playground is intended to actively engage students, teachers, parents and community members, who were all involved in the design and development of the playground from the project’s early stages. The school designated approximately 10,000 sq. ft. for the playground, which includes an obstacle and fitness course and a climbing structure.

By improving Cripple Creek’s outdoor play environment, Penrose-St. Francis hopes to make a meaningful impact in the community, which lacks outdoor play equipment for children. The new playground will be accessible to students and teachers during school hours and to community members during non-school hours. The playground was completed just in time for the start of the 2017-2018 school year and celebrated at an inauguration Aug. 14.

The project is perfectly aligned with Penrose-St. Francis’ goal of supporting wellness and improving health outcomes for all youth in the Cripple Creek community. In January 2016, Penrose-St. Francis and CCVSD signed a memorandum of understanding to operate CCVSD’s school-based health center. Students, teachers and the community can improve general wellness by increasing opportunities for active play and recreation.


(L-R) Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation President Josh Bailey, Grants Manager Hannah Watson, VP of Market Partnerships and Network Development Gail Decker, and Dr. Michael Nunley.

Submitted by: Penrose-St. Francis




Leaders, Liberty Day & Lamborn

There have been some exciting things happening at Cripple Creek – Victor School District recently.

Colorado FCCLA - CC-V School

Colorado FCCLA  CC-V      School Students pictured: Cutter Hutson, Tracie Crippen, Hailey Estes, Angelica Atkins, Michaela Brown, Cassie Castillo, Alex Best, Tatianna Howell.

CC-V FCCLA Members attended the 2017 Colorado FCCLA (Family, Career, And Community Leaders of America) State Leadership Conference in Denver Colorado and received the following recognition and awards:

Cutter Hutson, Tracie Crippen and Hailey Estes earned a bronze in the Focus on Children STAR Event.
Angelica Atkins and Michaela Brown earned silver in the Life Event Planning STAR Event.
Cassie Castillo and Alex Best earned silver in the Entrepreneur STAR event.
Tatianna Howell earned silver in the Promote and Publicize FCCLA STAR Event.
Congratulations to the FCCLA Members.!

What is FCCLA? FCCLA’s mission is:To promote personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner and community leader, members develop skills for life through–

  • character development
  • creative and critical thinking
  • interpersonal communication
  • practical knowledge and
  • career preparation

You can read more about FCCLA here:

Congressman Doug Lamborn Honors Liberty Day Events at Cresson Elementary

Congressman Lamborn visits

Congressman Lamborn visits Cresson Elementary

Cripple Creek-Victor Cresson Elementary celebrated Liberty Day and took it a step further. Liberty Day is a celebration originated by Colorado Lions to call attention to both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Cresson Elementary 5th Grade teachers GariLu Schwab and Abigail Gregory invite local guest speakers Commissioners Marc Dettenrieder and Norm Steen, Cripple Creek Police Chief Mike Rulo, along with two Cripple Creek police officers. They came to Cresson Elementary to talk with students about the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Before they come to the school, teachers will spend time giving the students background information and a Liberty Day resource book so they can familiarize themselves with information to actively participate with the guest speakers. The teachers will spend 3 weeks teaching and preparing for Liberty Day.

On April 13th, Congressman Doug Lamborn came up to Cripple Creek to attend a Town Hall Meeting. After he was done he made a surprise visit to the Cresson 5th Grade to further honor the Liberty Day events. After an introduction and insight into what our liberty means he stayed around long enough to give students autographs then he was off to another Town Hall meeting in Woodland Park.

Thank you to article contributors:
Tracey Olnes and Merrill Ballinger, Cripple Creek-Victor School District


Students Learn Through “Hidden Figures”


Popcorn, drinks and a movie.

Popcorn, drinks and a movie.


By:Nevaeh Farr

On February 15, 2017, our English 7 and 5th grade classes got an opportunity to go on a field trip to the Gold Hill Theatre in Woodland Park, and see Hidden Figures.  Our classes have been working together and reading about female and African American inventors and heroes.  When we got to the school that morning, everyone was so excited and we wanted to just get on the bus immediately! We went to our morning classes and had lunch before we got on the bus. When we got on the bus we tried our best to not puke from an overload of excitement! We all enjoyed talking with our friends and listening to the music on the way there. When we arrived, we all got our popcorn and drinks, and we very much appreciated it.  The movie was amazing!  It was inspirational and gave us all motivation to treat others with respect and to always try to do our best. After the movie we were upset about the racial segregation that the women in the movie experienced.  We agreed that we need to move forward with equality. The movie theater’s manager came in and gave us some additional information about the movie, and asked us a few questions.  Then, all tired and excited, we got back on the bus and returned to school.  The following day, we wrote an essay about what makes a hero.  There was definitely plenty of information from the movie to use for our writing!

Cresson 5th grade class at the Hidden Figures movie.

Cresson 5th grade class at the Hidden Figures movie.

I asked Abbi Gregory, 5th Grade Teacher at Cresson Elementary why she, and 7th grade teacher Vickie Cooper wanted to take their students to see Hidden Figures.  She told me that they bring their classes together to read, present and write together.

“We were inspired by Black History month and our inspiration got us thinking outside of the box.  We decided that we would go through the book Jackie’s Nine, which is a character skill building book based on the nine character skill that Jackie Robinson abided by.  We also wanted the students to learn about more black heroes and inventors as well as female heroes and inventors, so we went through a book called Heroes, which is a book about heroes or inventors, most of which students had never heard of.    As we were planning for those activities, we thought of Hidden Figures, which has both black and female inventors and heroes.  We boldly asked the theater if they would be willing to host us by watching the movie.

After we watched the movie, the manager of the theater lead a discussion about prejudice with the students.  There were great discussions about the movie, prejudice, enlightenment.

Charlotte Hemingway-Davis, GM, leads discussion after the movie.

Charlotte Hemingway-Davis, GM, leads discussion after the movie.

As a follow up, the 7th grade class will do a book study on the book Hidden Figures.  And once a week, both of our classes get together and learn the character building skills from the book Jackie’s Nine.  It is a wonderful time of leaning and collaborating.

The skills are:

Determination, Courage, Citizenship, Persistence, Integrity, Excellence, Commitment, Justice, and Teamwork.  It is our hope that we can inspire our students to dream big dreams as well as pick up and live out these character traits.
Publisher’s Note: If you haven’t seen “Hidden Figures,” I would highly recommend it. You don’t know what you don’t know, and movies like this help to reveal what’s been hidden to many of us for so long.

Cresson Elementary donates $592 to TCRAS

TCRAS receives donation from Cresson Elementary

Cresson Elem TCRAS donation

Cresson Elem donation check to TCRAS

Cresson Elementary staff and students did a Walk-A-Thon on Halloween to raise money for Teller County Regional Animal Shelter. Pledges were taken the two weeks prior to Halloween. On November 17, TCRAS presented information to Cresson students and staff about TCRAS, brought two of their dogs, and we gave them $592.00 worth of Walk-A-Thon donations!

The student in the picture is Cole Bennett- he raised the 2nd most money in the school. The student who raised the most money was absent that day!

Submitted by: Miriam Mondragon, Cresson Elementary Principal.

Cresson Elementary Principal’s Corner

Cresson Elementary Election Results and Awards

Cresson Elementary

Cresson Elementary

Cresson Student Council  2016-2017

President: Lauren Lanning

Vice President: Brenna Larsen

Secretary: McKenna McNamara

Treasurer: Skyler Brennan

Class representatives: Ruby Estes, Chase Lohmeier, Kaylee Peterson

2016 Cresson Talent Show Winners May 26, 2016

1st Place

Mackenzie Best singing the “Cup Song”  (by Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect, When I’m Gone.)

2nd Place

Lilly Morehead and Jullianne Kisseberth dancing to Perfect Two.

3rd Place

Lauren Lanning singing and playing piano to “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You,” by Elvis Presley

Cresson 3rd Trimester Awards


Amanda McGregor, Melanie Trujillo, Robert Trujillo, Lynne Barker, Tina Estep, Lisa Gilbert, John McNeley, Suzanne Montague, Pam Olachia, Richard Olachia, Richard Thomas, Jean Webb, Dianna from Lion’s Club, Don from Lion’s Club


Madelyn Lohmeier, Dominic Moret, Drake Crose, Isabella Hocking, Isabella Maconachy, Eric Barker, Savanna Kisseberth, Jaide Snow, Chase Lohmeier, Savannah Wham, Tony Woods, Noah Nelson, Joseph Bernstein


Brennden Measaw, Lizbeth Alejandre Gonzalez, Samuel Estep, Eric Barker, Jacob Breitenfeld, Zoey Salman, Dayton Woods, Jesse Clark, Jaxon Snow


Sincere Gaddy, Talysa Buschman, Susan Maconachy, Lana Allen, Madison Panzer, Sylvandrea Billah, Eli Dvorak, Layla Moret, Ruby Estes, Chase Lohmeier, Ian Lohmeier, Tre Wolverton, Harley Darling, Shaelyn Smith, Wyatt Walsh, Tristan Peterson, Anthony Kessel


Katie Bennett, Jamie Koch, Amelie Baca, Jacob Ketchum, Ezekiel Ketchum, Lorna McGregor, Angeline Harris, Sebastian Hurlstone,Chase Lohmeier,Ian Lohmeier, Lauren Lanning, Charlie Weeks, Skyler Brennan, Wyatt Faye


Elijah Miller, Aspen Summers-Becker, Jennifer Gonzalez-Simon, Savannah Mead, Benjamin Parham, Rebecca Peterson, Oaklee Smith-Cole, Savannah Carrillo, Isaac Deakle, Nikia Walsh, Mackenzie Best, Chloe O’Shea, Ketcher Blevins, Bethany Hocking


Rya Blevins, Baylee Donahoo, Connor Quaid, Katrianne Bradley, Sylvania Billah, Kyle Best, Aubree Kaiser, Colin Rook, Brenna Larsen, Dominic Mestas-Wilson


Elwood McGregor, Elita Tanyet, Brayan Guerrero-Islas, Angelina Mestas, Morgan Petri, Dylan Reyes, Kyleigh Atchley, Korbyn Diehl, Allyson Durham, Cole Bennett, Rebecca Peterson, Savannah Carrillo, Ruby Estes, Chase Lohmeier, Ian Lohmeier, Nikia Walsh, Levi Krantz, Jesse Paradise, Charlie Weeks, Skyler Brennan, Chase Coiner, Lydia Estes, Elexis Gallagher, Connor Gemmecke, Addisyn Givens-Taylor, Halo Gonzales, Lilly Gonzales, Karol Gonzalez-Simon, Joseph Bernstein, Wyatt Faye, Jullianne Kisseberth, Caterina Lucas, Brycen Smith, Jaxon Snow

BUG Awards: Sarah Hicks – Reading, Josh Jenkins – AR, Rebecca Peterson — Math, AR- Ms. Gross, Jaide Snow – Math, Autumn Brandon, Jacob Breitenfeld, Nikia Walsh

Accelerated Reader Awards: Faith Atchley (31 points), Ruby Estes (37.4 points), Chase Lohmeier (40 points)

 Art Awards: 

Jackson Trujillo,  Elwood McGregor, Chloe Welch, Amelie Baca, Devon Reyes, Angel Farr, Morgan Petri, Allyson Durham, Andrea Vaccaro, Latarya Starkweather, Faith Atchley, Cole Bennett, Jadyn Blanchette, Jacie Johnson, Lily Colard

Principal’s Honor Roll – All As & Bs:

Angeline Harris, Layla Moret, Oaklee Smith-Cole, Jaide Snow, Reid Vigil, Sebastian Hurlstone, Ian Lohmeier, Nikia Walsh, Arial Johns, McKenna McNamara, Chloe O’Shea, Jesse Paradise, Abby Perry, Zoey Salman, Shaelyn Smith, David Taylor, Wyatt Walsh, Skyler Brennan, Elexis Gallagher, Lilly Gonzales, Wyatt Faye, Dawson Murray, Jaxon Snow

Superintendent’s Honor Roll – All As:

Rebecca Peterson, Ruby Estes, Chase Lohmeier, Kaylee Peterson, Mackenzie Best, Jacie Johnson, Levi Krantz, Lauren Lanning

All Year Honor Roll:

Angeline Harris, Layla Moret, Ruby Estes, Chase Lohmeier, Ian Lohmeier, Kaylee Peterson, Mackenzie Best, Jacie Johnson, Levi Krantz, Lauren Lanning, Abby Perry, Wyatt Walsh, Skyler Brennan, Elexis Gallagher, Lilly Gonzales, Wyatt Faye

Student of the Trimester:

Jackson Trujillo, Jennifer Gonzalez-Simon, Avery Smith, Madisyn O’Shea, Lana Allen, Jaide Snow, Jacob Breitenfeld, Nikia Walsh, Jacie Johnson, Lauren Lanning, Chase Coiner, Elexis Gallagher, Jullianne Kisseberth

Top Paw:

Joren Taylor

Elks’ Club Award:

Chase Coiner, Elexis Gallagher, Lilly Gonzales

Elks’ Club Teacher Award:

Tonya Copley, Gari Lu Schwab


Principal Miriam Mondragon

Principal Miriam Mondragon

Cresson 2nd Trimester Awards

Cresson Second Trimester Awards
Good Job Everyone! Keep Up the Good Work!

Cresson Cougars


Connor Quaid, Dane Terry, Drake Crose, Jacob Ketchum, Aubree Kaiser, Jacob Breitenfeld, Isaac Deakle, Bryan Tuvera, Heaven Clark, Trenton Lange, Savannah Wham, Dayton Woods


Madison Mead, Elita Tanyet, Kyle Best, Brayan Guerrero-Islas, Dylan Reyes, Autumn Brandon, Shiloh Houston, Ethan Lyon, Tre Wolverton, Jadyn Blanchette, Brenna Larsen, Lacy Hilfers-Garduno


Amelie Baca, Sylvania Billah, Kyleigh Atchley, Jacob Breitenfeld, Ruby Estes, Chase Lohmeier, Ian Lohmeier, Nikia Walsh, McKenna McNamara, Charlie Weeks, Jaxon Snow


Madelyn Lohmeier, NaKaylee Hapes, Savannah Mead, Ruby Estes, Chase Lohmeier, Ian Lohmeier, Arial Johns, Jullianne Kisseberth


Elijah Miller, Jennifer Gonzalez-Simon, Isabella Hocking, Hannah Gaster, Joren Taylor, Isaac Deakle, Kaylee Peterson, Zoey Salman, Caterina Lucas


Talysa Buschman, Jovanny Sanchez Amezcua, Jose Sanchez, Lily Colard, Jayden Wiedman, Tony Woods


Jackson Trujillo, Robbie Korb, Madisyn O’Shea, Lana Allen, Lorna McGregor, Benjamin Parham, Jaide Snow, Reid Vigil, Savannah Carrillo,
Ian Lohmeier, Jacie Johnson, Levi Krantz, McKenna McNamara, Donovan Blanchette, Skyler Brennan, Chase Coiner, Lydia Estes, Elexis Gallagher, Halo Gonzales, Lilly Gonzales, Karol Gonzalez-Simon, Kayley Sasnett

AR Awards:

Eli Dvorak, Faith Atchley, Jacob Breitenfeld, Chase Lohmeier

BUG Awards: (Bringing Up Grades)

Eric Barker / Math, Cole Bennett / Math, Eli Dvorak / Reading, Angeline Harris / Reading, Rebecca Peterson /Core Subject, Hannah Terry / Math, Jacob Breitenfeld, Latarya Starkweather

Principal’s Honor Roll – All A’s & B’s:

Eli Dvorak, Angeline Harris, Layla Moret, Jaide Snow, Reid Vigil, Ian Lohmeier, Nikia Walsh, Mackenzie Best, Jacie Johnson, Abby Perry,
Wyatt Walsh, Skyler Brennan, Chase Coiner, Elexis Gallagher, Lilly Gonzales, Kayley Sasnett, Wyatt Faye, Caterina Lucas, Lillyan Morehead,
Jaxon Snow

Superintendent’s Honor Roll – All A’s:

Ruby Estes, Chase Lohmeier, Kaylee Peterson, Ben Johnson, Levi Krantz, Lauren Lanning

Student of the Trimester:

Riley Vigil, Katrianne Bradley, Angel Farr, Victoria Breitenfeld, Lorna McGregor, Rebecca Peterson, Reid Vigil, Ruby Estes, Chase Lohmeier, Simon Johnson, Damian Reyes, Skyler Brennan, Martin Sanchez Amezcua

Top Paw:   Amelie Baca

Submitted by Cresson Principal
Miriam Mondragon
Principal Miriam Mondragon

Principal Miriam Mondragon