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WANTED: Your Feedback

Steve Kitzman, Director of Marketing for the City of Cripple Creek would appreciate feedback from local residents on a new park project in the city of Cripple Creek.

Architectural students from the University of Colorado – Denver will have renderings of proposed park designs for your review. Please stop by the vacant lot this weekend (June 24th & 25th) and check them out. Offer your suggestions and identify the items you like.

Where: the empty lot right next door to City Hall. (Actually, it will not be completely vacant this weekend due to Donkey Derby Days.  See photo.)

Please share with family and friends and encourage them to participate. This is for us/our community.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Congratulations 2017 Graduates!

Congratulations to the Cripple Creek-Victor
2017 High School Graduates!


Click on images to enlarge and read details.

Thank you to CC-V teacher and class sponsor Scott Black for the pictures and information.


aspen infestation

Why Aren’t There Leaves on Some of Our Aspen Trees? 

Recently, Newmont CC&V’s environmental department noticed that the aspen trees in several locations around Cripple Creek and Victor, Colorado, were not producing as many leaves as expected for the early summer season. The following photo of Bull Hill, north of Victor, on the northeast side of CC&V’s mining operation, was taken near the end of June. Notice that many of the aspen trees in this grove seem to be barren of leaves.

aspen leave infestation
On closer inspection, CC&V’s environment department found an insect infestation of what are commonly called “tent caterpillars”, and requested an investigation and opinion from the Colorado State Forest Service.

aspen leaves missing

The Colorado State Forest Service’s site visit and investigation on June 30, 2016, sampled six sites around the area and their Insect Observation Report identified “a sizable population of large aspen tortrix (LAT) in five locations… We also observed significant aphid activity in locations associated with the LAT. It is also worth noting significant populations of lady bird beetle (commonly known as lady bugs) larva and adults, as well as significant populations of spiders, this makes sense due to the food source available.”

Gary Horton, Sr.  Environmental Coordinator for CC&V described the situation this way: “The large aspen tortrix, commonly called a “tent caterpillar”, is a defoliator and quickly eats all the leaves off the aspens. It is particularly acute on the north side of Victor Pass and in Grassy Valley right now. The caterpillars should be turning into moths in another week or two and fly off. The good news is that the moths don’t harm the bud of the aspen and they should have leaves back on them later this summer; however, the trees will be lacking in density of leaves and they will be smaller than usual. It’s conjectured that the abnormally high evening temperatures may have contributed to an unusually large outbreak of LAT. We can expect this type of thing to continue up here for another couple years according to our research.”

That’s why some of our aspens don’t have leaves.

Reprinted with permission from:

Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine 

Donkey Derby Days Are Here!

Donkey Derby Days is This Weekend!
Come Up And Check Out Our ASSets!

Donkey Parking

Donkey Parking. Photo Credit: Clyde Byers


The 85th annual donkey Derby Days is this weekend, June 24th to June 26th. Lots of fun to be had all weekend! There will be donkey races, live entertainment, a petting zoo, donkey rides, a parade, pancake breakfast and more. Donkey Derby Days is a free two – day event and fun for the entire family! See the Schedule of Events listing below.

Bennett Avenue will be lined with vendors offering products and services, but be sure to check out the gift shops along Bennett Avenue as well. The owners are all locals and can answer just about any question you have about the area, as well as offer up unique shopping experiences.

Road Closures.

  • Bennett from 5thto 1st will be closed Friday June 24th 6am- Sun. June 26th 6pm
  • Bennett from 1stto “A” street will be closed Friday June 24th 5pm-Sun. June 26th  6pm
  • Bennett from “A” to “C” streets will be closed for the parade on Saturday June 25th from 9am-1pm
  • Side streets to Carr and to Masonic/Myers will also be closed to through traffic along the above specified routes.
  • The detour will be “C” Street to Masonic/Myers to 5thstreet
  • Vendors will begin setting up on Bennett Friday morning at 9 am.

Donkey Derby Days – Schedule of Events

Please register for Donkey Races at the Information Booth

Friday, June 24th

6:00pm-10:00pm – Friday Night Street Dance Featuring Exit West – Beer Garden Open

7:00pm – OPENING NIGHT!!! “Darling of the Donkey Derby”
– Melodrama at the Butte Theater

Saturday, June 25th

7:00am – Pancake Breakfast at Cripple Creek Fire Station

8:00am – Two Mile High Club Booth Opens
Information Booth Opens
Petting Zoo at District Museum Opens

9:30am-11:00am – 4th Infantry Division Band – West Stage

10:00am – “Big Ass Challenge” Media Race – Double Eagle to 2nd St.
Donkey Rides Begin – Near Aspen Mine Center
Kids Activities at the Park
Parade Check In – Jail Museum

10:30am – Kids Donkey Race – Aspen Mine Center to 2nd St.

11:00am – Beer Gardens Open

11:30am – Best Beard Contest – East Stage

12:00pm – Parade

1:00pm – Donkey Calling Contest – East Stage
“Darling of the Donkey Derby” – Melodrama at the Butte Theater

1:30pm – Draw for Donkey Derby Race – West Stage
Announce Parade Awards – West Stage

1:45pm – Western Shootout Gun Skit – West Stage

2:00pm – Donkey Derby Race – Jail Museum to District Museum

3:00pm – Announce Donkey Derby Race Awards – West Stage

3:00pm-6:00pm – BJ Estares and Route 61 Blues – East Stage

6:00pm – Two Mile High Club Booth Closes

6:00pm-10:00pm – Saturday Night Street Dance Featuring Sandy Wells – West Stage

7:00pm – “Darling of the Donkey Derby” – Melodrama at the Butte Theater

10:00pm – Beer Gardens Close

Sunday, June 26th

7:00am – Pancake Breakfast at Cripple Creek Fire Station

8:00am – Two Mile High Club Booth Opens
Information Booth Opens
Petting Zoo at District Museum Opens

10:00am – Donkey Rides Begin – Near Aspen Mine Center
Kids Activities at the Park

10:30am – Kids Donkey Race – Aspen Mine Center to 2nd St.

11:00am – Donkey Calling Contest – East Stage
Beer Gardens Open

11:30am – Dog Show – West Stage

12:00pm-2:00pm – Wild Blue Country (Air Force Band) – East Stage

1:00pm – Draw for Donkey Derby Race – West Stage
“Darling of the Donkey Derby” – Melodrama at the Butte Theater

1:30pm – Donkey Derby Race – Jail Museum to District Museum

2:00pm – Best Beard Contest – East Stage

3:00pm – Businessmen’s Donkey Race – District Museum to 2nd St.

3:30pm – Announce Donkey Derby Race & Businessmen’s Race Winners

5:00pm – Two Mile High Club Booth Closes
Information Booth Closes
Beer Gardens Close

Make plans now to escape the heat and come to up to Cripple Creek…where it’s always cooler!

Share your Donkey Derby Days pictures on Facebook:  Cripple Creek Today and/or Cripple Creek Donkeys.

Cresson December 2015 Newsletter

Cresson Elementary School December 2015 Newsletter

Season’s Greetings Cresson Families!

I hope this newsletter finds you all in good health & happiness. There’s only three weeks of school in December, but we’ve filled them with many activities we want you to join us for!

Winter Fine Arts Night on Thursday, Dec. 10 @ 6pm
Junior/Senior High School Cafeteria

Cresson & Junior/Senior High School students will sing, perform their drama production, and have several art projects on display! Join us for a night of music, theater, and art! Students should arrive @ 5:45pm

CC-V Winter Fest on Thurs., Dec. 17 @ 1pm

All CC-V students will be dismissed at 12:30pm (bus service) on Thursday, Dec. 17th. That afternoon, CC-V will host its first annual Winter Fest from 1-4pm. Join us for free family games, crafts, and hot cider or hot cocoa.


Winter Break December 21st – January 4th

Enjoy the time with your family! Students return on Tuesday, Jan. 5th.

Please dress your child for the weather! Weather/temperature permitting, we will take students outside for fresh air, sunshine, and physical activity!


Principal Miriam Mondragon

Principal Miriam Mondragon

Rex Allen Jr Performing at Gold Bar Theater


Rex Allen Jr. Performing in Cripple Creek!

Rex Allen Jr

Rex Allen Jr

UPDATE 6/22/15Due to Bronchitis/Laryngitis, the show with Rex Allen Jr. at the Gold Bar Theater will need to be rescheduled for a later date.

Legendary western entertainer and American treasure Rex Allen Jr. will be performing at the historic Imperial Hotel’s Gold Bar Theater on June 24 and 25 at 7 p.m.

Rex Allen Jr. is truly a living legacy of Country and Western Music and a member of The Western Music Hall of Fame. The namesake heir of Hollywood’s last singing cowboy and a revered narrator, Rex the younger shares his father’s (movie star and singer Rex Allen) greatest gift – his voice.

As Country Music Magazine’s Entertainer of the Year, Rex Allen Jr. has remained relevant in today’s ever-changing entertainment business as a performer and songwriter with over 50 hits including; “It’s Over”, “Lonely Street” and “Two Less Lonely People” and numerous CD projects including “The Last of the Silver Screen Cowboys”.

Building off his television successes in the ‘90s, including The Statler Brothers Show and Yesteryear, Rex Allen Jr. was the narrator’s voice in the year 2000’s feature film “Me, Myself and Irene” which allowed him to give a heart-felt homage to his father, narrating the beloved Jim Carrey/Renèe Zellweger. Commercial work includes his resonant and iconic voice featured in numerous commercials including Chevrolet, 20th Century Fox and RC Cola.

Rex Allen Jr. said his Colorado connection goes way back to when he was a young boy, practically growing up at the Broadmoor Hotel and on stage at the age of nine, performing with his father at the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo. He returned to Colorado many times to perform on that same stage as a great entertainer in his own right. “I have done it all my life because it’s my heritage,” Rex Allen Jr. said.

The consummate Actor/Singer/Entertainer proves himself during each and every concert and on each and every television show. “We’re going to have a great time. The great thing about performing (at the Gold Bar Theater in Cripple Creek), I can get out my guitar and take the audience from the 1930s to the present and hopefully show them where the future of Western Music is headed. Everyone who comes to one of my shows comes away with something,” Rex Allen Jr. said. “I have a lot of fans and a lot of friends in (the Pikes Peak) area and I’ve been wonderfully successful over the years thanks to my great fans,” Allen said.

More about Rex Allen Jr. and his numerous accomplishments can be found at his website: For Gold Bar Theater ticket information go to or call 719-838-0116.

Author: Kevin Lane