2017 Salute to American Veterans Rally Road Closures

Salute to American Veterans

Gloria Gates
Events and Tourism Coordinator
City of Cripple Creek

Attached you will find the schedule of events for the Veterans Rally next weekend, August 18th-20th.
The Replica Vietnam Memorial Wall will be in the high school football field.

Road closures as follows:

Thursday, Aug. 17th 6am – Sunday, Aug. 20th 10pm:  Bennett Ave from 1st Street to 3rd Street.

Friday, Aug. 18th 5pm – Sunday, Aug. 20th 8pm:  Bennett Ave from “A” Street to 5th Street.
Friday, Aug. 18th 6pm – Saturday, Aug. 19th 5pm: 1st Street from Masonic to the alley by Community Bank. The bank will be accessible from Warren Ave.

*Courthouse access will be open until 5pm on Friday.

Saturday, Aug. 19th 10am – 1pm:  Bennett Ave from “B” Street to 5th Street and 5th Street from Bennett to Golden. This closure is for the parade and motorcycle procession.

*The closures on the side streets will go to the alleys except on 1st Street, where it will run from Masonic to Carr with an additional closure from Masonic to Community Bank on Saturday.

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Thank you so much!


Road Closures For Salute to American Veteran’s Rally

Thursday, August 15th

Is the start of the

21st Annual Salute to American Veterans Rally & Festival



Salute to American Veterans Rally:  August 15 – 19


Beginning Thursday, August 15th at 6:00 a.m.: 

Highway 67/Bennett Avenue will be closed from Fifth Street to First Street, and will remain closed through 6:00 a.m. Monday, August 19th.  Westbound traffic coming into Cripple Creek on Highway 67 will be allowed to come into the event area on Thursday ONLY, diverting southbound on 3rd Street next to the Brass Ass Casino.  Shuttles and buses will still be expected to unload on Myers Avenue or Carr Avenue. Fourth Street and Third Street will be closed at the alleyways North and South of Bennett Avenue.  Detour signs will be placed on Fourth Street and Third Street at Carr Avenue and Myers/Masonic Avenue.  Second Street will be closed at the alley north of Bennett Avenue, with a detour sign placed at the intersection of Second Street and Carr Avenue.  Second Street will also be closed at Myers/Masonic Avenue.  First Street will be closed at Myers/Masonic Avenue to the alley north of Bennett Avenue, however the Teller County Courthouse will be accessible on Thursday and Friday heading East on Bennett Avenue.

Beginning Friday, August 16th at 5:00 p.m., Bennett Avenue will be closed to A Street, and will remain closed through 6:00 a.m. Monday, August 19th.  A Street will be open to through traffic.  First Street will be closed from Carr Avenue to Myers/Masonic Avenue (North of Bennett Avenue for EMS Vehicle Staging and South of Bennett Avenue for vendors), with detour signs placed on First Street at Carr Avenue and Myers/Masonic Avenue.

Beginning Saturday, August 17th at 9:00 a.m., East Carr Avenue and a portion of Main Street up to Lode Street will be closed to through traffic for the Veteran’s Parade lineup until approximately 11:00 a.m.  Traffic will still be able to turn onto Lode Street off of Main Street. 

Beginning Saturday, August 17th at 10:00 a.m., Colorado State Highway 67 will be closed at Golden for the duration of the parade.  Traffic will be routed onto Golden for the duration of the parade. 

A bus/shuttle loop around the event will be a two-way traffic arrangement.  For the purpose of this letter, the loop can “start” at the corner of C Street and Carr Avenue.  Buses and shuttles may drive South, and may turn/head East on Myers/Masonic Avenue.  Following Myers/Masonic onto 5th Street and up Highway 67, buses and shuttles may then turn West onto Golden and South onto Fourth Street.  From Fourth Street, buses and shuttles may head West on Carr Avenue, ending where the loop “started” at C Street and Carr Avenue.  Because this loop is a two-way traffic arrangement, buses and shuttles will be able to travel along this same route, but heading in the opposite direction (e.g.: starting at C Street and Carr Avenue, but heading East on Carr Avenue and turning North on Golden, etc). 

Butte Theater Parking:  Butte Theater parking will be located at the Cripple Creek Jail Museum.  Signage will be placed on the west side of town directing visitors to the Jail’s parking area.  The Cripple Creek Trolley will provide transportation to and from the Jail Museum parking lot to the Butte Theater. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Public Parking will be limited during this event. 


The preceding information is provided by Maria Cunningham, Marketing and Events Manager, City of Cripple Creek